The Face within…

” For neither man nor angel can discern Hypocrisy, the only evil that walks Invisible, except to God alone.”

JOHN MILTON, Paradise Lost

The only things that crossed my mind when i read John’s quote were : My sketch, which i made at an age i did not completely understand, and my life on a daily basis, which compels me to put on a mask everyday i go out.

The Face Within...

Alternative Presentation is as much a part of our lives as breathing…

This sketch was nothing more than a re-created gaming poster which i drew because i was impressed with the concept of deceit and hypocrisy depicted in the original poster, being an sketch enthusiast , i put in a lot of effort to get it to perfection without truly understanding the complete meaning of my own work. Years have passed since then, and when i look down on it now, i realize that i am yet to understand its complete meaning.

When i drew it,  hypocrisy was just a concept i wanted to depict, but now i understand that this sketch also had an extra member to the intended audience, a member i did not, at that time, even remotely considered, Myself. As i mentioned earlier, When i read Milton’s quote, the first thing that came to my mind was the sketch, my first understanding of the act, the second was my life, and the lives of all the others in my life.

Hypocrisy is not a negativity, although generally not accepted as a good act, but Hypocrisy is a learning, a learning that life throws at us to better understand ourselves and others around us. It is a choice of presentation not a sin, but pretty much similar to a twin-headed  blade, used in a good conscience , it can help uncover one’s own limitations to one’s own self-acceptance, used otherwise, can be a dark weapon of deception and deceit. We can truly understand our limitations of good and righteousness when we fall into this act, the learning here is to try and expand our boundaries of good rather than crossing over to the dark. Also, to remember that this cannot be done without self-acceptance and an urge to become a better person. for me, my acceptance comes when i look at this sketch, look around, you might find an object of realization for yourself.

Now, i am not a negative man, neither do i try to be, but all this use of the word Hypocrisy might pollute our topic of discussion here, remember our scope is far more larger than limited meaning of Hypocrisy. Since the word Hypocrisy is well defined in the English language as a negative term, let us explore our idea here with euphemism , Alternative presentation. Please do remember that our euphemism has a larger scope than Hypocrisy as it  is not only a term for deceit but also through matters of harmless nature like acting pleasant in front of a loved one when we are angry.

Daily life puts us in a situation where an alternative form of expression becomes mandatory, although some might argue that this is might not be necessary, we are not talking about lies, nor deceit, but a simple fact of presenting ourselves and our ideas in an alternative form for it to cross the barriers we face, which in many cases are arrogance in the minds of the ones controlling the flow. Confused..??  Have you ever tried to get through an idea which beats your boss’s idea who happens to be arrogant not to see the reality of it..?? here we don’t control the flow, the boss does. Alternatively, have you ever tried scarring a child to sleep on time, even if you are not the scarring kind. This is the idea we are discussing.

Now, there is a thin line that divides a harmless alternate with hypocrisy, the moment we do this for gaining self -superiority and the act bearing no positive contribution to the general, then it’s hypocrisy. Beware of getting caught in the draft , seldom do we realize when we cross this line. Go ahead, take a look at the object of realization you have, being a better person will start looking like a better idea. All we need then is a bit more effort to make it happen.

So, overall, when i do look at this sketch of mine, i realize, even though i might be putting on a face when i’m at work in this enterprise called Life, it’s more like a clown face on a birthday party rather than one filled with malice, it kind off makes me happy.   Hope you do the same out there.

The Face within, need not always be a dark one, but one more brighter than what we might show… all we have to do is to understand ourselves and realize how better we can be…

 – Dilnawaz