You are the Traveller, You are the Journey…

“I don’t think i’ll be able to speak if i go up there..”, “Damn..!! its too confusing, I’ll flunk…” , “High schools’s the turning point of life”, “College is the turning point in life”, “If i do this, i might loose my job..!!!”. These are some examples of what i call “Rumors of the Strata” that i can sight of how one truly believes in the rumors at every stage of life, of how one fears more than he initiates, how we live every single day in fear of falling rather than the excitement of climbing up. Its fear of these rumors that slowly molds us into a being of existence who cares more about how things will go wrong rather than how better they can do it, of how they will fail rather than how they can achieve it better. Please do note that i’m not aiming at living life recklessly or without measures of safeguard and care, but what i’m trying to aim at is the fear that we all have lived at some point or the other at every stage of our lives where we simply waver astray from the task at hand just because we are too afraid to loose, in doing so, loose more than half the confidence and enthusiasm towards our goal.

 Thinking about the FEAR of LOSS at the beginning, is the first sign of the end. 

Often as we begin to take a step forward into something new and out of our  comfort zone, the first thought that comes to mind by nature is the safeguard measure as fail safe , but what happens after the thought is in entirety an outcome of how we take it forward. The moment we take this thought further is the moment we loose our edge on the task at hand. Blessed are those who tell their mind to stop wasting focus on what might happen wrong when all they need is the same focus to achieve victory. Fear is imminent being human beings, but harboring the fear for more than that is where we start moving astray.

 On the Path of Evolution, our life.

The human body is an ever evolving mechanism which takes a leap in positive evolution every time we achieve what we aspire to, Every time we win what we want to, we emerge as a victor and as a being of higher energy, higher confidence and a higher perspective of life and every thing around it. Similarly are we diminished with every step we don’t take, every plan we scrap and every thought we discard out of fear.

 Geniuses are not born, they are made, self-made.

At the heart of every successful person, in any profession , sits a being of genius, a genius of a field of work who knows and does best of what he makes life out of. These people, are not geniuses because they were born with it, it was only because they dared and took those steps , the ones we re-track out of fear of loss, We tend to limit ourselves to were we find ourselves most comfortable, and winners make themselves comfortable at where they stand, wherever that might be.

  You are the Traveller, You are the Journey.

Many define life to be many things, what i believe is that it is a simple and obvious outcome of the decisions we make. The journey is nothing but the execution of every decision we took and stuck to in the course of time. A story of success will sight many examples of how tough decisions were taken and how steps were taken which the people first opposed, then ignored and then finally accepted. These experience of a lifetime by the Heros’ of there trade will always sight of how they went against the tide and emerged victors, The biggest tide is the thought of our own minds which dictates us to do otherwise. Its the decision that will make us, its the decision that will break us.

When we look back at what our lives are, we will realize how every good was out of a decision/believe in something good, and how things that went wrong was an outcome otherwise, And the life to come will be an outcome of our thoughts, believes and the decisions we make in the face of fear and have the courage to stick to it. So if we find ourselves at the beginning of such a journey, and if we find ourselves surrounded by negativity of what the possible outcome might be,  do remember… rather always remember, You are the Traveller, You are the Journey…

– Dilnawaz