The Biggest Challenge

I have been thinking about it for quite sometime, They say challenges in our lives builds a person, they say that only at the face of a challenge an on truly discover the mettle which one is made of, Well as far as my life and experiences have taught me,  thats true.

I have come to learn , quite surprisingly, that at any stage of life, in any society or standards, the biggest challenge a person faces is the Fear to be seen as one truly is , Unmasked, Uncovered and Completely transparent. Any behaviour that follows as a failure to face this fear is the behaviour that some of us are known to the world as.

The only thing that matters at time of such a challenge is to have courage and be kind, The two ingredients of life that rarely comes together in a being, Surprisingly i learnt that , at my age, listening to a fairy tale 😉

I have , in my life, seen a lot of growth, money, people , fame and thus a lot of change, It just happens so fast that sometimes, just sometimes, one forgets to keep a check on the way one is suppose to be seen, Unmasked and truly the way one is, But change got the better of me and a face within was formed… Life does test one thoroughly  and i have failed once at it, but then as i mentioned above, “Surprisingly” of all the hard work i put in to work my way back, everything was a failure till i learnt the simple truth, master your fear of being seen Truly as you are, and at such a moment have courage and be kind in the true sense, and Life can be better than it feels like.

I have seen such times, felt hopelessness and felt lost inside, but anyone out there who finds that Life’s just  hit rock bottom  , should try , just try, once to be seen as one truly is… and remember, Have Courage and Be Kind…

Miracles happen, as soon as we realise, We are the Architect of our own Miracles…

  • Nawaz

Lets Win, or just Pretend to do so….

Everybody in this world is an achiever, or it is what i’m forced to believe… I have seen some years of LIFE myself, and over the years i have come to believe one one harsh reality of life… I can broadly classify everyone i met as Winners or Pretenders….  The people categorized as Winners can be Pretenders as well (How else would you expect them to win in THIS WORLD), but the Pretenders can never be Winners (One can never truly win if what you offer is what you do not have).

So one might ask me, How do you categorize them if the above statement is a dead end both ways.?, then remember dear readers, i never said the “Harsh Reality” i mentioned was the above, The reality i’m talking about is this :-

In this world we exist in and in this skin we live in, Everyone is a Pretender and No one is a Winner.

One might ask me again,

“How is everyone a pretender, And hows is no one a Winner, surely we can name a couple of people in present or past as being winners.?”

We’ll then let me take you through the truth i so mentioned in the above lines, We are human, that’s the ultimate definite truth we can be sure of in this world, and in being so have a concept of the mythical Perfect Being, without going into details of who and where are these “Perfect Beings”, i only want to shed light on the emotion with which we have conceived the idea of the perfect being, this emotion has a hard coded belief that we are imperfect and with every passing day are tending to become the perfect being, this proves of how we are and nothing we can do or say can be ultimate. We as humans make mistakes, and have our relative flaws in ourselves, same or different. So in a lifetime of deeds and actions, thoughts and words, relations and professions, we do miss out on some aspect that we cover up by pretending otherwise. A thought we hid, a cookie we stole, a idea we stole, or just being upright rude or arrogant, we do make mistakes, and try to cover tracks big or small, that takes care of the first part of the question.

The second half similarly follows, One cannot be a complete Winner in all aspects of his or hers life. Where we excel in studies, we might not contribute to good, where we might love our people, we might just end up hating the neighbourhood, where we might create good, we might bestow some destruction. Blessed are the people who do not face the modern world, they are free from its evil, “They have won” is the last thought in there mind before passing away peacefully.  The world as we know it has made life easier for us, giving tons of comfort, only by taking comfort away from some other. The world runs on an equation, there’s nothing we can create on either side without taking away from the other. Thus if we acquire the wealth, luxury,love , support etc from the world around us, it is only because it was taken away from some other as non of it can be created, Not at least in the so called Modern Society. Thus, no one can be the Ultimate Winner, an Alchemist winning everything without heeding the Law of Equivalent Exchange.

I’m not being aggressive though, mind you dear readers, this is applied to what we have brought the world to, it was different once upon a time, or so i would like to belief, to give myself a chance to repent for what i have done to the world or for at least my part of it.

Funny thing is , The Winner is a mythical term that we cant find in this world, and The Pretender on the other hand, plenty which vary in dimensions. There are people who pretend to do or say, then there are pretenders who pretend to know the first ones are pretending, lastly are the pretenders who pretend that they DO NOT know if the first kind were pretending. Convoluted your mind … Ain’t it.? 🙂 🙂 Well not that much , As i once remember reading this and i quote :-

“The Idea of Perfection is so imperfect.”

Moral, in this life, in this world, we pretend to do, we pretend to know (even if we don’t know) and we pretend not to know (even if we know)… The struggle of life is to get ourselves into one of the categories, The first kind gets glory, the second kind gets fame, the last kind are the wisest who live longer 😉 Funniest fact is.. all of the types believe they are winners. Dint i tell you to begin with, The world is split between Winners and Pretenders…

– Dilnawaz

“Its a beautiful day…”

Prayers, exercise , aerobics, songs, news, economy etc etc… There are more than a hundred ways of how one starts his or her day…. Students, lawyers,doctors , engineers, top shots on Wall street and a huge amalgamation of professions and people start there day with the best interest of the individual, this keeps a healthy schedule and a great start to an individual’s day…..
The start , is one of the most important part of any action in order for the rest of it to be spotlessly successful. But little do people realize that there are more than a single start for an individual’s day, We start professionally, emotionally, personally and other aspects of the elements involved in a person’s life. For example , a person might be in a bad mood but still execute his job perfectly, or a person might attend his classes and learn and play his schedule of sports , but might still not follow his diet properly due to an emotional imbalance he or she might be facing. A person might also be on the extremities be sitting in one’s room breaking all schedules that he or she follow.
We might have different ways of starting our mornings to satiate or feed a one of our aspect of the day which we find to be prime by an act, watching the new for professional ups, the sports updates for personal/professional interests etc.. Some might even find ways to satiate multiple aspects of there day by a single act…
Now that we have discussed and understood the aspects of our morning, we can find out ways to implement it in our own lives.. Rudyard Kipling once said –
“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Of the many activities that one can implement or already have implemented we can employ the power of words in our lives. Words have an endless effect to this universe, it can form chains of endless ripples through time. This might bring us to a point of asking “How.?, How do we fit this in our lives” . Well that is left to an individual to figure out, as no one knows a person well enough than the person himself, and if he dosent, then no one out there will ever understand him.. But a bit of a help that i can offer on this is my own example.

My morning starts at variable timings for different days, but no matter how or when it starts , the fact that remains constant is the first sentence that i say immediately after my revival into the real world , “Its a Beautiful Day…..” , might just be an ordinary sentence to many, its beyond words to me, i say it with a firm belief for my present life and a strong feeling of the day to be a marvellous one for my future… This sentence somehow pivots for most of the aspects of my life that matters to me. This infuses me with emotional strength , strength that never brings me down no matter what life throws my way. All else follows.

“Its a beautiful day….” – Dilnawaz