We make the choices… Or is it the other way around…

A poor boy from Kentucky, most likely to follow the chains of labour and poverty, decided to study law and ran for president in which he succeeded only after loosing several times, he did become one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America… We know him as Abraham Lincoln… A Lady  lost on the streets of England, no jobs and a dependent child, decided to write and inked down her imaginations… J.K Rowling is now one of the most celebrated authors in the world. A boy born to a steel worker and a part time cleaner, even though he harboured a disease which hampered is health, played what he loved and wrote his destiny on a napkin, Is now a champion of champions on the field of football.. Lionel Messi has made his parents proud and made worth of every word of the contract they wrote on a napkin that day…

Great personalities and even greater were there deeds, some of them mentioned above, there life mentioned in a nutshell, and in this nutshell will we find the secret that made them who they are. All one has to do is to look closer into there lives and you will find the words , “ decided to study law and ran for president”, ” decided to write and inked down her imaginations”, “ played what he loved and wrote his destiny on a napkin”.  These people changed the world, and changed the way we look at the world, and all they had to do was to decide what they wanted, and did it. They had roadblocks like we do, they followed there dreams, ran after them, stumbled, fell down but they got back right up and continued like nothing ever happened. The only thing you should learn from here on is why you fell and how you got back up, the rest is a baggage you should leave behind.

I know we try to get things done in this world, but somehow we do hit road blocks, we do hit dead ends. If i recall, in an entire lifetime spent, i have faced many roadblocks, some which i have overcome and a good amount i ran from, a lot of dead ends met. But now that i wonder, now that i think about each of them, i know it was me who chose to run away, rather than face it head on. Well, now i know there is only one roadblock in this life and there is only one dead end in this world, the dead end to hope, the dead end to our spirit. Today if you firmly believe that you can’t walk , then you might never walk again, alternatively , if you firmly believe that you can touch the moon, you might as well prep for the best space school on the planet. In the end, its just you who makes the choice of what you can or can’t do.

“Remember, until your dreams are a part of the world, you can achieve them, and if they are not, then it is your belief that will bring it to this world. The rest is for you to chase. I know I’m chasing mine.”

– Dilnawaz


Lets Win, or just Pretend to do so….

Everybody in this world is an achiever, or it is what i’m forced to believe… I have seen some years of LIFE myself, and over the years i have come to believe one one harsh reality of life… I can broadly classify everyone i met as Winners or Pretenders….  The people categorized as Winners can be Pretenders as well (How else would you expect them to win in THIS WORLD), but the Pretenders can never be Winners (One can never truly win if what you offer is what you do not have).

So one might ask me, How do you categorize them if the above statement is a dead end both ways.?, then remember dear readers, i never said the “Harsh Reality” i mentioned was the above, The reality i’m talking about is this :-

In this world we exist in and in this skin we live in, Everyone is a Pretender and No one is a Winner.

One might ask me again,

“How is everyone a pretender, And hows is no one a Winner, surely we can name a couple of people in present or past as being winners.?”

We’ll then let me take you through the truth i so mentioned in the above lines, We are human, that’s the ultimate definite truth we can be sure of in this world, and in being so have a concept of the mythical Perfect Being, without going into details of who and where are these “Perfect Beings”, i only want to shed light on the emotion with which we have conceived the idea of the perfect being, this emotion has a hard coded belief that we are imperfect and with every passing day are tending to become the perfect being, this proves of how we are and nothing we can do or say can be ultimate. We as humans make mistakes, and have our relative flaws in ourselves, same or different. So in a lifetime of deeds and actions, thoughts and words, relations and professions, we do miss out on some aspect that we cover up by pretending otherwise. A thought we hid, a cookie we stole, a idea we stole, or just being upright rude or arrogant, we do make mistakes, and try to cover tracks big or small, that takes care of the first part of the question.

The second half similarly follows, One cannot be a complete Winner in all aspects of his or hers life. Where we excel in studies, we might not contribute to good, where we might love our people, we might just end up hating the neighbourhood, where we might create good, we might bestow some destruction. Blessed are the people who do not face the modern world, they are free from its evil, “They have won” is the last thought in there mind before passing away peacefully.  The world as we know it has made life easier for us, giving tons of comfort, only by taking comfort away from some other. The world runs on an equation, there’s nothing we can create on either side without taking away from the other. Thus if we acquire the wealth, luxury,love , support etc from the world around us, it is only because it was taken away from some other as non of it can be created, Not at least in the so called Modern Society. Thus, no one can be the Ultimate Winner, an Alchemist winning everything without heeding the Law of Equivalent Exchange.

I’m not being aggressive though, mind you dear readers, this is applied to what we have brought the world to, it was different once upon a time, or so i would like to belief, to give myself a chance to repent for what i have done to the world or for at least my part of it.

Funny thing is , The Winner is a mythical term that we cant find in this world, and The Pretender on the other hand, plenty which vary in dimensions. There are people who pretend to do or say, then there are pretenders who pretend to know the first ones are pretending, lastly are the pretenders who pretend that they DO NOT know if the first kind were pretending. Convoluted your mind … Ain’t it.? 🙂 🙂 Well not that much , As i once remember reading this and i quote :-

“The Idea of Perfection is so imperfect.”

Moral, in this life, in this world, we pretend to do, we pretend to know (even if we don’t know) and we pretend not to know (even if we know)… The struggle of life is to get ourselves into one of the categories, The first kind gets glory, the second kind gets fame, the last kind are the wisest who live longer 😉 Funniest fact is.. all of the types believe they are winners. Dint i tell you to begin with, The world is split between Winners and Pretenders…

– Dilnawaz

Your Name, The most beautiful sound you can hear in a lifetime….

William Shakespeare once said –

” What’s in a name?”

Well this might be widely accepted around the globe and by a lot of people, but as  Dr Cuthbert Soup rightly pointed out

“The great William Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” He also said, “Call me Billy one more time and I will stab you with this ink quill.”

, This little insight by Mr Soup makes us ponder whether we simply accepted a simple out of context cliche to destroy the very point of origin of our Individuality , Personality and how we exist in this World. Well, lets not make this sound too apocalyptic 🙂 let me take this down a couple of notches.

The most beautiful sound a person can hear in a lifetime is his or her name. No matter what language , what temper, No matter how feeble, no matter how loud, may it be in an echo or it being etched in a collage , doesn’t matter if it is said in a language or in an accent, no dialect, no borders, no distances, no forms will make you miss the sound of your own name being used in this world. Imagine if your name is been called out in a 100 lines paragraph spoken in Chinese, African, Sanskrit, English etc etc goes the list of our languages, there’s not a doubt that nothing wil catch your attention more than your name being called out in between everything else which might be greek to you.

Imagine that you are standing you are standing in a rotating cube shaped room in which the lights are fading in and out evry second and you are hearing a huge assortment of sounds ranging from words in different languages, music, speeches, ambient noises, instruments and so on… By nature, our conscious/subconscious will definitely process all of it, but your brain only takes a thoughtful pause the moment you hear your name amongst the noise.


So what’ s so great about your name.??

– It Connects…

Its always more comfortable for you to talk to a person who rather calls out your name rather than someone referring you as “You there”, or “hey you”. I’m sure Dilnawaz will be more comfortable will someone saying ” Hey Dil” rather then “hey you”. We often find ourselves being connected more to a person that personalizes relationships with names rather than biological synonyms like “Man”. Further adding to this, the strongest of relations  are built between people with exclusive names like “Sue.”, “Al”,,,”Moru..” etc etc (Some might even go for animals whom you look like, stars, objects relating your characteristics “Honey… Sweetness” etc ).. try cutting away this part off your relationship, it hampers it.

Nothing will bond me more with a Buddhist Monk more than when he uses my name amongst the many sentences he might use that never gets through me.. 🙂


– ” You are what’s named after you. “

It certainly builds up a lot of support and confidence if you are a known achiever in your domain in your vicinity, what better way to explain this but to quote our famous fellow blogger Jarod Kintz where he says :-

“If I had a street named after me, I’d carry that around instead of a driver’s license for ID. You are what’s named after you. 
” – Jarod


– If you want to achieve , then your name is the most powerful tool to use…

Close you eyes and say your name with a soft whisper, and in the darkness and in a flash see all that you have done in your life that made you feel proud, that made your people feel proud of you, the moments you have really LIVED, your achievements, your friends, family and all of that thing that has contributed to everything that is good in you. You do that, and you will have all the strength , motivation, ideas you need to triumph what lies ahead, right from inventing the next power source to crossing the street to get a big Mac 😉 all it takes is moment you remember your name.


– It reflects who you are..

There was a legendary fashion designer once who had a very good notion about the nature of human beings and how we used our names. The Swedish,  Karl Otto Lagerfeld once said –

“Don’t overact the story of your name. Overact the story of your work.” 

What Karl was pointing out was a very realistic characteristic of a human beings which we all might have faced or fallen prey to in our lifetime, we love to shoot our name like a sky rocket.. “Bond … James Bond” might be a good start for Ian Flemming for his larger than life character , but the greatness only comes by his 007 grade spy conquering situations when the world in in Harm’s way, Similiarly before we shoot our names like a bullet striking a bullseye in an introduction, we should be prepared to fuel our rocket with proper actions and deeds, else your name becomes a colourful clown balloon in the air rather than a sky rocket, which becomes odd if not unique.


– It infuses positivity for your fellow being

No matter how unimportant this point may be, but it does affect how one might take the presence of another human being, Jarod (mentioned above) also had a bright and vibrant thought on this, he said :-

“I’d love to work with an Asian guy named Wu Hu, because just saying his name would get me all pumped up and excited.”  🙂 🙂

I’d say – Wu Hu and Ya Hu would be my best office team mates on days i’m low on spirit on a rainy day 😉


All in all, a name helps, connects , propels , lights up, strengthen up, guides , clues , describe , lifts up a person in all times life has to offer, Damned is a person with no name, and blessed are those blessed with a one word miracle 🙂

Remember your name and the rest should follow…

– Dilnawaz

“Its a beautiful day…”

Prayers, exercise , aerobics, songs, news, economy etc etc… There are more than a hundred ways of how one starts his or her day…. Students, lawyers,doctors , engineers, top shots on Wall street and a huge amalgamation of professions and people start there day with the best interest of the individual, this keeps a healthy schedule and a great start to an individual’s day…..
The start , is one of the most important part of any action in order for the rest of it to be spotlessly successful. But little do people realize that there are more than a single start for an individual’s day, We start professionally, emotionally, personally and other aspects of the elements involved in a person’s life. For example , a person might be in a bad mood but still execute his job perfectly, or a person might attend his classes and learn and play his schedule of sports , but might still not follow his diet properly due to an emotional imbalance he or she might be facing. A person might also be on the extremities be sitting in one’s room breaking all schedules that he or she follow.
We might have different ways of starting our mornings to satiate or feed a one of our aspect of the day which we find to be prime by an act, watching the new for professional ups, the sports updates for personal/professional interests etc.. Some might even find ways to satiate multiple aspects of there day by a single act…
Now that we have discussed and understood the aspects of our morning, we can find out ways to implement it in our own lives.. Rudyard Kipling once said –
“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Of the many activities that one can implement or already have implemented we can employ the power of words in our lives. Words have an endless effect to this universe, it can form chains of endless ripples through time. This might bring us to a point of asking “How.?, How do we fit this in our lives” . Well that is left to an individual to figure out, as no one knows a person well enough than the person himself, and if he dosent, then no one out there will ever understand him.. But a bit of a help that i can offer on this is my own example.

My morning starts at variable timings for different days, but no matter how or when it starts , the fact that remains constant is the first sentence that i say immediately after my revival into the real world , “Its a Beautiful Day…..” , might just be an ordinary sentence to many, its beyond words to me, i say it with a firm belief for my present life and a strong feeling of the day to be a marvellous one for my future… This sentence somehow pivots for most of the aspects of my life that matters to me. This infuses me with emotional strength , strength that never brings me down no matter what life throws my way. All else follows.

“Its a beautiful day….” – Dilnawaz


Well …  We all know writing is the best form of expressing one’s self on any occasion life brings about on the long road twining down the years…  But beyond all this, it carries the most powerful object man has created since time immemorial…. Words…  On a word were Empires built and on a word did Nations fall… Other than historical facts … Words do give a person all the joy in the world.. or deprives him of it….. A word can run a tiny gear in a watch to the roaring turbines of a space craft…  They can bring unison in a crowd or envy against the other in their hearts…  they can make a home or break a house… they can connect or they can maroon one self ion the oblivion…. Words can create, destroy and bring functioning spirit to the very system of stars and galaxies we live in…. Our world, is fuelled by the many millions form, feature and colour of the words we use in it….. A word to our existence is a leaf to a tree…  So, I’m back writing onwards, joined together, we will dive into this pool of understanding and finding ourselves… Please feel free to question me on or for anything i can clarify… It will only help us understand better….  – Dilnawaz