The Biggest Challenge

I have been thinking about it for quite sometime, They say challenges in our lives builds a person, they say that only at the face of a challenge an on truly discover the mettle which one is made of, Well as far as my life and experiences have taught me,  thats true.

I have come to learn , quite surprisingly, that at any stage of life, in any society or standards, the biggest challenge a person faces is the Fear to be seen as one truly is , Unmasked, Uncovered and Completely transparent. Any behaviour that follows as a failure to face this fear is the behaviour that some of us are known to the world as.

The only thing that matters at time of such a challenge is to have courage and be kind, The two ingredients of life that rarely comes together in a being, Surprisingly i learnt that , at my age, listening to a fairy tale 😉

I have , in my life, seen a lot of growth, money, people , fame and thus a lot of change, It just happens so fast that sometimes, just sometimes, one forgets to keep a check on the way one is suppose to be seen, Unmasked and truly the way one is, But change got the better of me and a face within was formed… Life does test one thoroughly  and i have failed once at it, but then as i mentioned above, “Surprisingly” of all the hard work i put in to work my way back, everything was a failure till i learnt the simple truth, master your fear of being seen Truly as you are, and at such a moment have courage and be kind in the true sense, and Life can be better than it feels like.

I have seen such times, felt hopelessness and felt lost inside, but anyone out there who finds that Life’s just  hit rock bottom  , should try , just try, once to be seen as one truly is… and remember, Have Courage and Be Kind…

Miracles happen, as soon as we realise, We are the Architect of our own Miracles…

  • Nawaz