If it’s Measurable, If it’s Repeatable, then it’s definitely Predictable…

There are many a things that life teaches one as one progresses through it, it doesn’t matter how you go through this, crawling or flying. I too follow the same pattern of this teachings of life, many of which have been really helpful for stages to come, (Provided i retain them in my head 🙂 ). Let me share one such thing that i have learned in my course till yet.

Since time ancient when man was pulling and pushing stones or even before that, when we dint even know what stones were, till the time we have seen where Man’s Curiosity has reached Mars and time yet to come, i have always seen man looking for a way. A way to quantify, qualify and set a process through, to ease up whatever it is that is to be done at hand. Now i have seen this craving in every aspect of life and society, from a teacher to a scientist and a labor to Banker, be it a sportsman or a hitchhiker, An actor to a mechanic, they all , since time immemorial, have followed the same craving of finding a way to ease up things that come often at hand, be it for their vocation or avocation.

What we are talking about here is the ability or the dedication of man to find a way to somehow relate and ease up tasks at hand. One such rule that we have created over the centuries is :-

” If it’s Measurable, If it’s Repeatable, Then it’s definitely Predictable”

Now, When the Egyptians saw that in a particular year when the Nile was flooded, there was a rich deposit of Silt on all the fields they had which gave them a heavy yield, this happened in the subsequent years, so what did the Smart Egyptian do?, kept an eye out for the water to rise in the Nile and just when it was confirmed that it will flood soon, he would hire cheap labor and fix future deals in terms of crop and grain, because he knew the quantified and qualified outcome of the Flood. He measured, he saw it is repeating , so he predicted and was rich without any blessings from above 🙂 .

The Mayans were a bit more into the stake holding business 🙂 , A wise Mayan once looked up at the sky and saw the stars , the very next day when he did the same, he saw a change, then a group of wise Mayans did the same, and made pillar calendars, and by what they saw, the change in the sky and the relative change in the world, and looking at their stakes, they made a pillar counting down till the year i’m writing this (Although i still don’t know if the world is going to end, if it does, Mayan stakes will be off the charts 🙂 ). They measured the positions of stars, they saw it was repeating and in the end they could predict a lot of the major astronomical occurences that took place, eased up a lot of their lives.

Well now, keeping the fun read aside, man has done this in all time, even today we might see this craving in our daily work,  at our homes. My point is to spread the awareness of this awesome habit that man has developed over the years, it is in us and i think we should exploit it and apply it to as many aspects of our lives as possible, this makes work,office,family fun etc a lot easier, makes life simpler for all of us, so that we can have more time in our lives for other things that awaits us.

Most of all, we should try and apply this to our mind , to our course of life itself. You meet a person who seems nice and caring at first and a little astray like the last person you met , as it progresses, its time you should discuss things with the person to take it forward or put an end to save both of you the bitterness, if we have done something wrong once and faced the consequences, bad consequences, and see ourselves repeating the steps we took, its time we should predict the future to follow and do something about it. If you have hurt someone once and lost the person, and if we see ourselves doing it again, predict where the person will be and act before it materializes. All in all, life is the best place to implement this and emotions are the best table to lay this upon, The beauty of humanity is that all though time is like a river that flows in a single direction, with the ability to predict we can act on it and make sure the one direction in which life flows is the one towards the light not in oblivious lonely darkness. I’m trying to row towards it…. are you.?

– Dilnawaz