Tears in the Rainfall…

Imagine darkness… nothing but a void space of unimaginable size, big or small, not a ray in sight, nothing but feeling of looking out into a finite space but not in form.. This darkness is life itself..  a vast unpredictable but felt to be finite span of a journey where anything is possible.. You might imagine anything in this void darkness, same as you can be or do anything in your life. Just like life itself cannot be defined by any equation or formula, similar is the case for defining darkness. Both misunderstood, Both calm and patient, Both rely on us to mould by imagination/effort into anything possible form.

Now imagine rainfall in this darkness.. A sound of thunder, a flash of light, a dull flash of light.. Drops of water different size, falling down, some soft and assuring while others harsh and strong..  The lightning in this storm doesn’t show you what lies in the darkness, but shines for a moment brief enough for you to grasp confidence about the surrounding emptiness. This storm is Guidance that one might receive in life, the advice of well being , some soft and loving while others harsh and strong, but they all mean the same thing, your well being.

Now imagine a face, up close, face tilted upwards to face the storm, eyes shut, lips together, the expression of calmness and serenity, the face only slightly lit up in shades of platinum, light focussed in the center fading away as it reaches the edge, The eyes lined with a thick border of dark eyelashes, darkened even more by soot. Raindrops falling on this dimly lit face up close to you, all you can do is to see and wonder, this face looking up in this vast expanse of darkness, this frail luminescence onto it, and drops of face hitting this face, and trickling down from all sides. This face, is an experience in life, any experience you can think of, an experience surrounded by thoughts and advice, an experience surrounded by all the choices you have made, as a result of direct or indirect guidance that you might have received. This face in this storm , up close in this darkness.

A question that i will put forward now to all out there, in this “LIFE” that i showed you above, do you see tears of this face? A drop of tear, trickling down the face in the midst of all the rain falling on the face itself ?

Well, the obvious answer will be, “How could I”, how can one find a tear in the midst of this apparition of a void darkness , a dim lit face with eyes shut looking up to a storm that sends down thunder lightning and horrendous rain.  How would we know which is water and which is tear. The answer is to understand what this tear is.

This tear is an emotion, an emotion that we have in life, that we harbour in life, we might think we know the tear by looking at this face of experience, but it might just be a drop of water, or an emotion that we think is there, a judgement error involving a misplaced sense of a particular emotion. But on occasions, one might rightly identity the tear amongst water, blessed is the person who does so, as knowing the emotion at the time of the experience is a gift not many receive. On occasions some might even believe that they have the right one, even if deep down inside, they know it might not be.. For such occasions, we have mistaken a part of life, and it will reflect back in a way where we will be clueless as to what happened.. To avoid such an experience or to revert such a belief, one needs to touch the core of one’s own belief, which lies deep within, and it is from within  can we rectify the act. This will not bring back the moment lost, but will set up the moments to come to be beautiful.

In this large void of life, using the soft/hard guidance of many, and at the time of looking onto the face of experience , try… just try to identify the right emotion we bear , good comes from it if you can, otherwise what else is there in this void to see, and thus do we figure out our lives, the emotions and experiences, but if we can’t, then life is just a sight of something you like, something you live, but something that you never figured through.

Know these Tears in the Rainfall…

– Dilnawaz


Sins of a Man are Deeds for another…

We all see the world in a aspect unique from each other, some even share their views of this world. Some are at war 24X7, while others find peace in nature’s lullaby. Some are on the run for fame,ambition to come, while others rather slug around having whatever they have. Some believe this will never change, some live daily for this change, Some believe the earth will end, while others plan for decisions a quarter century  hence. There are major and minor categories we can divide the world into, but never has history since time immemorial witnessed, the greatest division etched out by Man…  Faith.

What most of us fail to realize is that Faith and Tending to be faithful are two widely different concepts, specially if the Tending has a pretext of  “Pre” in it.

What one might do right, will be seen as wrong with the other, and some accepted acts of chaos might be well accepted by the other. The key is to know that all our belief , no matter what the origin, no matter what the goal, never presides to preside over the other. Sure things can be different when seen through a context, just because it’s called a  Hamburger, doesn’t necessarily mean it has ham in it, and know that inflammable and flammable means the same thing 🙂 thus is the fate of the world, lost in contexts and interprated by few, right or wrong, none of us can judge.

Mind you dear readers, this is not about religion, but about faith, in people, in an object , in a goal, in good or bad, even in the omnipresent. I am aiming only at the lives of one who has faith in something v/s those who don’t posses it at all.

Although they both might seem to genuine from the holistic view, there is a different we might see.  Imagine a Car driven on fuel at 1 km/hr,  simultaneously beside it is a car being pushed at the same speed. From standing in front of it, they both look the same.  To actually find out which is running on fuel/faith and which is the other, we need to have a look from the side, in other words, alter the way we look at things, we were born in today’s world having believes which pre-dates any living person we know, just like the viewers of our “Race race” standing in the front line not knowing how the set up looks like from the side.

Faith is magnificent, like fuel, can be bent , stored, flown through any possible dimension, and just like the fluid, it can reach our inner most person , like it’s channelled into the core of the engine, and from within, from the core this fuel is burnt which drives us right through with the minimal efforts, the comforts that a car driver gets when he is sitting in one. While on the other hand, pretending to be faithful does get you through the race, for only people who do not posses an alternate view, BUT, it’s tiring, hectic, hurts you at every step, wounds only you can realise understand and bear , nothing but a moving empty shell.

At the end of this race, the faithful either wins or looses to the car that was pushed through, but he saves himself the hectic trudge, the tiring efforts and the cranky mind set over the one who actually goes through all of this to win a race which has no prize.

The whole point of faith is not proving yours is better, but it is for one to see to it that one’s life goes smooth and effortless. In the end, its for you to decide, push it through or drive all the way… 🙂

– Dilnawaz