We make the choices… Or is it the other way around…

A poor boy from Kentucky, most likely to follow the chains of labour and poverty, decided to study law and ran for president in which he succeeded only after loosing several times, he did become one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America… We know him as Abraham Lincoln… A Lady  lost on the streets of England, no jobs and a dependent child, decided to write and inked down her imaginations… J.K Rowling is now one of the most celebrated authors in the world. A boy born to a steel worker and a part time cleaner, even though he harboured a disease which hampered is health, played what he loved and wrote his destiny on a napkin, Is now a champion of champions on the field of football.. Lionel Messi has made his parents proud and made worth of every word of the contract they wrote on a napkin that day…

Great personalities and even greater were there deeds, some of them mentioned above, there life mentioned in a nutshell, and in this nutshell will we find the secret that made them who they are. All one has to do is to look closer into there lives and you will find the words , “ decided to study law and ran for president”, ” decided to write and inked down her imaginations”, “ played what he loved and wrote his destiny on a napkin”.  These people changed the world, and changed the way we look at the world, and all they had to do was to decide what they wanted, and did it. They had roadblocks like we do, they followed there dreams, ran after them, stumbled, fell down but they got back right up and continued like nothing ever happened. The only thing you should learn from here on is why you fell and how you got back up, the rest is a baggage you should leave behind.

I know we try to get things done in this world, but somehow we do hit road blocks, we do hit dead ends. If i recall, in an entire lifetime spent, i have faced many roadblocks, some which i have overcome and a good amount i ran from, a lot of dead ends met. But now that i wonder, now that i think about each of them, i know it was me who chose to run away, rather than face it head on. Well, now i know there is only one roadblock in this life and there is only one dead end in this world, the dead end to hope, the dead end to our spirit. Today if you firmly believe that you can’t walk , then you might never walk again, alternatively , if you firmly believe that you can touch the moon, you might as well prep for the best space school on the planet. In the end, its just you who makes the choice of what you can or can’t do.

“Remember, until your dreams are a part of the world, you can achieve them, and if they are not, then it is your belief that will bring it to this world. The rest is for you to chase. I know I’m chasing mine.”

– Dilnawaz


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